Welcome to vanka.net

vanka.net provides consulting services.

Over 20 years of experience in software/hardware field.

Software services, Electronics design, Embedded devices,
Linux, Windows, C++, C#, Oracle, Altium, OrCad, FPGA, Verilog, Altera, Xilinx etc.

Quite well equipped Lab assures quality.

Oscilloscope measurements up to 13 GHz / diff&single ended (Agilent DSO81204B & others)
Spectrum analysis up to 26.5 GHz / 10Hz RBW (Advantest R3271A)
VNA measurements up to 9 GHz (Anritsu MS4624B)
Voltage measurements up to 8.5 digits (Advantest R6581, HP34401A, HP3478A, HP3456A)
Generators up to 18 GHz (Anritsu MG3681A, HP8672A, Fluke 6062A, Rohde Schwarz SMHU58)
RF power metering up to 18 GHz / 20 dBm (Anritsu ML2437A + Anritsu MA2442D)
Logic Analysis up to 4GHz (Agilent 16702A + 2x16750A + 4x16716A)
TDR and impedance measurements (Tektronix CSA803 + two 20GHz SD24 heads, TDR risetime 17.5 ps)
BERT testing up to 3Gbps (Agilent 86130A)
+ assortment of probes, calibration standards, hooks, clips, etc, etc.

vanka.net speaks czech, english and understands polish and russian.

vanka.net HQ is based in Trinec, Czech Republic, Europe.

Contact: hq at vanka dot net